The Knight
The knight is the highest person in the social pilgrimage. Although nobody would ever know it was him because of the way he would dress.
"A KNIGHT there was and that a worthy man That from the timè that he first began To riden out, he lovèd chivalry, Truth and honóur, freedom and courtesy."
"In all his life unto no manner wight. He was a very perfect gentle knight. But for to tellen you of his array: His horse was good; but he was not gay."
This article describes why the knight was important.
Chivalry is a code that knights adopted in the late middle ages: requiring them to be brave, loyal and had to fight fairly in battle.
Knights could be seen a righteous man because the would always do the right thing especially when it came to battle.
Knights were seen as gallant people because that was how society saw them in the middle ages.
A knight was seen as an arbitrate person because they were independent. Knights used their prowess skills during battle. Until this day knights are seen as a bequest due to the medieval ages they became a legacy in today's history.
This song describes how knights were seen as champions when ever they won a battle. || We Are the Champions || ¨* ♪ Robbie Williams ¨* A Knight's Tale [Soundtrack] ¨* ©2001 ¨* Writer: Freddie Mercury ¨* Widescreen HD/HQ Version
it describes the way knights fought during this time period. It also gives us a brief summary of the importance of them during the pilgrimage. YouTube

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