GGC D2L Course Homepage
This is the standard "Navbar" (Navigational Bar) with links to various tools. Both students and instructors see this bar (with the exception of the "Edit Course" and "Analytics Portal" links).
Your Course Title
To see what your students will see, you can change your role to that of a student here. This is useful to make sure assessments or content items are NOT viewable, if necessary.
This is your course-specific calendar. The day and date will expand into an actual calendar. "Upcoming Events" will list any due dates, deadlines or scheduled items within your course. These events will populate into the "My Home" Upcoming Events as well.
The "Content Browser" is a homepage-based list of all the content you create, organize, and publish to make your material easy to find and access.
Each piece of content is able to be "bookmarked" by pressing the bookmark button. Students can easily find these bookmarks within the Content Browser widget on the course Homepage.
The News widget on the course Homepage will display both "global" (organization-wide) news AND your course news.
When you create content or make content available, you can push out an "Update" to your students who they know what new material is available to them immediately when they log into your course Homepage
This is another link to your Calendar.
The D2L Locker is a basic file storage system.
The Blue Help Button is your best resource for immediate instruction, guidance, and assistance in all things D2L.
Students can also access a listing of the content they most recently visited without browsing away from the course Homepage.
D2L does have an email mechanism, but emailing your course through Clawmail is recommended (course mail lists are already created for you).

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