This much you know: my desk.
This is a photo calendar of my kids. Seeing photos of them is actually quite tough sometimes, because I get a deep yearning to hug them. SometimesI find it better to compartmentalize.
A small model of a gas tanker. We used it once to create a 3D modelling animation, and I kept it on my desk. Sitting in an office is a long way from the front line of our operations - vessels are where the work gets done.
I have a view East, and can see Mt. Baker rising high on a clear day. Being on the 19th floor is pretty cool. My kids like seeing people on the ground like ants.
Here is where I throw all the business cards I gather. Occasionally I look through them for a contact; mostly, I see it as an anacronism - LinkedIn and twitter is all you need
My desk phone, which I rarely answer because I get so many cold calls from random vendors. The other phone above is our media line, for media engagement and crisis management.
Social Business by Design book - I read vast quantities of articles; and as many books as I can manage - to keep abreast of the ever changing social business landscape.
This is spare laptop from IT with Visio loaded to it, to edit some process flows we own. I don't want the software on my laptop - otherwise I become the de facto Visio SME. No thanks.
One of Lola's intricate and complicated narrative cards she has made for me. It all made sense at the time. It acts as a reminder to kids' genius / curiosity - something I am trying to recultivate in "old age".
Oldskool photo strip of the team from a building event - making silly faces, wearing silly hats. I HEART my team - it is a real honour to work with such smart, switched on people.
A print out of our core values and their definitions - I use them a lot in my work.
Two photos - me with the current and past CEOs - both during celebrations. I work with the smartest people and they let me do good work.
Yammer is in the browser all day - along with about 10-12 other apps / sites. The browser brings the network very close, it makes me more connected and effective. Networks have transformed my work practices / performance.
Behind the core values is the Cult of Done Manifesto - I am really good at working 80-20. "Done and done" is a favourite missive.
A bunch of clocks showing various timezones. We are 24/7 and global, and I am on call to that effect. It prevents me getting too heads-down, myopic.
A set of 5 nesting dolls, painted by my kids, each representing one of us + our dog. One is missing though, and that bothers me more than it probably should.
I like to keep the blinds up, even in the sun - living in Vancouver is grey; I need all the light I can get.
This is my poor panoramic photo taking skills - who knew you are supposed to keep it on a horizontal plain?

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