The Rock Cycle
Weathering is when the weather (Rain, wind, snow...etc.) makes the rocks break into small pieces called SEDIMENTS. Here is a song I created to help my 6th grade students study. I hope you enjoy. Hey weathering, erosion of rocks Will fall down deposition Hey many bits and ...
Transportation and deposition is when the SEDIMENTS from their original rock to another place. They can be carried by wind or water.
The small pieces of the bigger rock that they came from.
SEDIMENTARY ROCKS are formed when the many layers sediment is pushed together and made into one rock. When you look at a sedimentary rock they have lots of layers.
Magma is when the rocks are melted inside the earth.
IGNEOUS ROCKS (INTRUSIVE) is when the magma is cooled INSIDE the Earth. To remember this INTRUSIVE and INSIDE both start with IN.
METAMORPHIC ROCKS are formed when SEDIMENTARY ROCKS are given lots of heat and pressure over time. Metamorphic rocks are usually smooth and shiny.
IGNEOUS ROCK (EXTRUSIVE) is when the magma is cooled OUTSIDE on the Earth's surface. This happens after a volcano erupts with lava.
Lava is the magma that has come to the Earth's surface through a volcano.
Compacting/cementation is when the sediments are being pushed together to make SEDIMENTARY ROCKS. This happens as sediments are given lots of pressure overtime.
This is when the rock is altered by a change in temperature and pressure. When this happens, the way the rock feels is different. With SEDIMENTARY ROCKS, they will turn to METAMORPHIC ROCKS and feel more smooth. METAMORPHIC ROCKS will get hotter and turn to magma. With magma, the temperature cools down to make an IGNEOUS ROCK.
Melting happens with the rock gets hotter and hotter overtime until it melts into liquid rock under the Earth's surface.
Crystallization is the beginning state of magma turning into an IGNEOUS ROCK. The magma cools down and harden into rock.
Eruption is when the magma makes its way up a volcano to escape the Earth's crust. The pressure builds up and then finally explodes out of the volcano. Amazing archival footage, late June 2011, of past eruptive activity of Kilauea volcano, inside Pu'u O'o crater. Includes cascades of lava, with rafts of soli...

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