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#youmatter twitter.com 3h ago @Mermaids_Gender tweeted: "There are so many opinions about who you.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.
www.youtube.com http://www.ted.com Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) ...
www.youtube.com Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
Connected Learning Framework connectedlearning.tv The current of learning and teaching today. Created and curated by community members.
vimeo.com HMW innovate school to meet real world demands?
www.amazon.com Amazon.com: Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom: Using 20% Time, Genius Hour, and PBL to Drive Student Success (Eye on Education) (9780415743167): Juliani, A.J.: Books
Classroom Habitudes www.amazon.com Classroom Habitudes (Revised edition): Teaching Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning [Angela Maiers] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Classroom Habitudes (Revised edition): Teaching Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning
www.amazon.com Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age (Incorporate Technology and Opportunities Into Instruction) [Alan November] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age (Incorporate Technology and Opportunities Into Instruction)
Downingtown STEM www.angelamaiers.com
It's Complicated Danah Boyd www.danah.org It's Complicated
Participatory Cultures Henry Jenkins mitpress.mit.edu
Be Audacious blog.lifeisntbroken.com A blog celebrating all of life; the happy, the sad, and everything in between. We can do this!
www.smore.com Choose2Matter LIVE Expect Genius. Now.
medium.com We haven’t met yet, but we will meet soon. I need to apologize in advance because I am going to be one of “those” parents. You know, the ones who are constantly checking in, perhaps over protective…
Angela Maiers Defining Passion www.youtube.com The Amazing Angela Maiers Inspires Passion and Global Change!
www.pinterest.com Nov 8, 2016 - Inspired by the work of Angela Maiers, Daniel Pink, Joy Kirr, Kevin Brookhouser, and A.J. Juliani, learn more about passion-based learning. #geniushour #20time #passionlearning. See more ideas about genius hour, learning, passion.
Angela Maiers www.angelamaiers.com Angela Maiers is a keynote speaker, Leader, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Disruptor & Change Maker. Angela embodies each of these descriptors with passion, commitment ...
ThingLink by Brenda Boyer www.thinglink.com TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink
www.slj.com Library Journal
Collaborative Notes docs.google.com #Havpassion Passion-Driven Learning with Christy Brennan August 19, 2014 What is passion-based learning? Etymology of “passion” lies in suffering, grit through suffering Ask students to follow their heartbreak. What are the issues, ideas that break you heart? Passion is contagious “The smartest...
Students Discussing the Passion-Driven Classroom www.youtube.com Passion Driven Classroom
Study Guide & Discussion Qs drive.google.com word.studyguide.pdf
What Do You Wish I Would Notice? pernillesripp.com I wish Mrs. Ripp would notice how funny I am. I wish Mrs. Ripp would notice how much I struggle with math. I wish Mrs. Ripp would notice that I am running out of books to read. I wish Mrs. Ripp wou…
Passion-Driven or Project-Driven? www.angelamaiers.com This morning, I had the pleasure of joining, via Google Hangout, the Amplify team at FETC, where lots of passionate teachers and leaders are wondering how to bring passion into their classrooms and schools.
Visible Thinking #EAInnovates deepdesignthinking.com An aspect of design thinking I gloss over because of time (my excuse) and uncertainty (again I will claim too) is the assessment of Visible Evidence of thinking, processing, communication, idea …
deepdesignthinking.com DEEP design thinking
How a Bigger Purpose Can Motivate Students... blogs.kqed.org Psychologists are finding that when students are motivated by a desire to have a positive impact on the world they are more able to plug away at challenging or tedious tasks.
Whispering to the World www.businessinnovationfactory.com Visit the post for more.
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