A Selection of Handheld 2 & 3 axis Gimbal Stabilisers
Gazercam Available as SP1 for Smartphones or GP1 for GoPro gazercam.com
DSLRPros 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer www.dslrpros.com
Gyromatic Go2x for GoPro. A version for the Blackmagic Design Pocket CineCam is in development. Note mount for smartphone to monitor GoPro video via GoPro App www.aeromatic.com.au At aeromatic.com.au, We offer an Unmanned Aerial Solution, UAV, UAS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Drone, Uav for sale, Drone for sale, to the challenges of developing, accessing and using geospatial data. As a full spectrum geospatial and UAV Company , We can meet your reporting and analysis of goals. Our Aeromatic GIS databases provide correct and auditable data for reporting drawing, mapping, graphics, statistics exports and ready links to internet based maps.
FeiyuTech have 2 GoPro Gimbals-this is the FY-G3Ultra 3 axis, theres is a 2 axis version also www.feiyu-tech.com
Ikan Corp X3 Gimbal for Smartphones (Looks very similar to DSLRPros one?) ikancorp.com Record smooth video from your smartphone even with extreme movements Fast to setup and simple to use even if you have never shot a video before Securely holds your phone with an electric Gyroscope and 3-Axis stabilizers Run, jump and maintain a fluid motion Lightweight but very durable construction For more information visit flyx3.com
BigBalance Husky 2 axis Gimbal is compatible with any Smartphones and GoPro bigbalance.com
Shape WLB iSEE is a 2 axis Gimbal for GoPro and Smartphones www.shapewlb.com
Brushless Gimbals "Gimbi" is a 2 axis Gimbal for GoPro but has the unique feature of a smartphone mount to monitor the image from the GoPro via the GoPro App brushlessgimbals.com BrushlessGimbals.com sells all the components required to build your own brushless direct drive gimbal for your camera.
MastorTech (affiliated to Gazercam) have several gimbals including a GoPro Gimbal -Greyhound (as pictured) and a smartphone Gimbal the Cheetah Ch1 mastortech.com