Killer holiday inspiration!
NICE: There's nothing nicer than a holiday in Nice! It also happens to be where Thomas Kell begins his search for Amelia Levine - who has disappeared 6 weeks before she is due to take over the role of head of MI6 - in Charles Cumming's gripping thriller, A FOREIGN COUNTRY. A Foreign Country (Thomas Kell Spy Thriller, Book 1) eBook: Charles Cumming: Kindle Store
PLYMOUTH: This picturesque seaside city on the south coast of Devon is great for an English getaway! Unless you're Giordano Bruno, of course. In S.J. Parris's gripping new novel, TREACHERY, the heretic-turned-spy must pursue a cunning murderer through the city's menacing backstreets, uncovering many a dark secret along the way. Treachery (Giordano Bruno Book 4) eBook: S. J. Parris: Kindle Store
TURKEY: With its fascinating culture, delicious food and beautiful weather, it’s no wonder that this is a top holiday destination. And given its rich history, it's also no surprise that Turkey provides the backdrop for Simon Toyne’s epic SANCTUS trilogy, set in the fictional city of Ruin. The Tower eBook: Simon Toyne: Kindle Store
MIAMI: Who wouldn't want to head to the sun-soaked beaches of Miami, chock full of swanky shops and glamorous nightclubs? But there is dark side, as Detective Carson Ryder knows only too well. In J.A. Kerley's new novel, THE MEMORY KILLER, Ryder is left to uncover a series of brutal attacks around the city. The Memory Killer (Carson Ryder, Book 11) eBook: J. A. Kerley: Kindle Store
VENICE: It is in this gorgeous city where Gabriel Allon receives a call from the Italian police. His friend, Julian Isherwood, has stumbled across a murder scene and is now being held a suspect. To save Julian, Gabriel must find one of Caravaggio’s most famous paintings, which leads him on an exhilarating hunt across Europe to find the treasured piece of art. The Heist (Gabriel Allon Book 14) eBook: Daniel Silva: Kindle Store
NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI: Penn Cage, who was raised in Natchez, Mississippi, has learnt all he knows about honour from his father, Dr Tom Cage. However, it is Natchez’s dark past that comes to haunt him, as his father is now accused of murdering an African-American nurse in the 1960s when racism was rife in the town. Penn now faces an awful choice. Does he chose his father? Or justice? Natchez Burning (Penn Cage, Book 4) eBook: Greg Iles: Kindle Store
ISTANBUL: This is Turkey's largest city; a top holiday destination and one of the most historically significant cities in the world. It's also where disgraced spy, Thomas Kell, travels to in Charles Cumming's A COLDER WAR. Here he discovers a traitor inside Western Intelligence that threatens not just the Special Relationship, but the security of the entire Middle East. A Colder War (Thomas Kell Spy Thriller, Book 2) eBook: Charles Cumming: Kindle Store
CAIRO: Tom Knox’s high-concept adventure thriller, THE DECEIT, set in Egypt and Cornwall is perfect for fans of Wilbur Smith! When a renowned historian is found dead in a cave in the Sahara, his former student Ryan Harper vows to find out what happened. Ryan finds himself in a race against time to deciper an ancient text. Pursued across Egypt by those who would use its secrets to devastating effect, Ryan draws ever closer to an unspeakable truth… The Deceit eBook: Tom Knox: Kindle Store
HONG KONG: A vibrant metropolis – and the setting of Charles Cumming’s suspenseful spy novel, TYPHOON, a gripping novel set in 1997 just a few short months before the territory was returned to Chinese control. Typhoon eBook: Charles Cumming: Kindle Store
SEVILLE: The stunning city of Seville is also the setting of Robert Wilson’s tense and atmospheric psychological thriller, THE BLIND MAN OF SEVILLE. Detective Javier Falcon is drawn into a disturbing, mystifying murder case, which sends him trawling through his own past and into the shocking journals of his late father. When there are more killings, Falcon finds himself pushed to the edge of a terrifying truth… The Blind Man of Seville eBook: Robert Wilson: Kindle Store
MEXICO: In Lisa Brackman’s pulse-pounding thriller, DAY OF THE DEAD, Michelle Mason’s holiday in Mexico turns into a matter of life and death when she’s drawn into a dangerous underworld of corrupt policemen and powerful drug lords. Sounds like she could use a tequila! Day of the Dead eBook: Lisa Brackman: Kindle Store
SWEDEN: The country famous for the flat-packed furniture haven that is IKEA, but much more importantly... the home of No.1 bestselling, Swedish crime sensation, Camilla Läckberg! Her birthplace, Fjällbacka, also provides the backdrop to her hit series featuring Patrik Hedström and Ericka Falck, starting with THE ICE PRINCESS. The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Book 1) eBook: Camilla Läckberg, Steven T. Murray: Kindle Store
PRETORIA: This pretty city in South Africa features in Greg Iles’ page-turning pulse-pounding thriller, SPANDAU PHOENIX. The Spandau Diary is one of the great unsolved mysteries of World War II and is – to some people – a secret worth killing for… Spandau Phoenix eBook: Greg Iles: Kindle Store
STOCKHOLM: One of the world’s most beautiful capitals is also where you'll find Detective Inspector Joona Linna, in Lars Kepler's terrifying and gripping novel, THE FIRE WITNESS. The Fire Witness (Joona Linna, Book 3) eBook: Lars Kepler: Kindle Store

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