Duck-Billed Platypus
Venom Spur - On top of all the other strange things that make up this patchwork creation is a poison spur that the platypus can use for self-defense or aggression. This spur can easily kill small animals, including rival platypuses for mating, but it can also cause incredibly intense pain to fully grown human beings.
Electrosensitivity - To seal itself off from water, the platypus shuts off all of those normal senses and finds prey based solely on electrical signals and mechanical waves that it picks up using its bill.
Monotremes - The Platypus is an egg laying mammal. Other mammals laid eggs long ago, but the only one now left besides the platypus is the echidna.
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No Stomach- The food it eats does not require complex digestion. Listen to Duck Bill by Justin Cowen 2 #np on #SoundCloud

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