"Whatever side people sit on, be it reader or non-reader, a book trailer will fill that gap in a powerful, potent way." It's a powerful tool for 21st Century students." - Chance, Rosemary and Teri Lesesne. "Rethinking Reading Promotion." Teacher Librarian, 39.5.26-28. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27. Feb. 2014.
Consider what technology students are familiar with and what kind of training they will need to be successful
Storyboard template for book trailers drive.google.com Book Trailer Storyboard Template KySTE.pdf
Book talk template - use with Aurasma or modify for a podcast. drive.google.com Book Trailer Storyboard Template KySTE.pdf
How to search Google Images for images that are free to use, share or modify even commercially youtu.be How to use advanced features of Google search to find images that are free to use, share and modify, even commercially
Using Jamendo for royalty free music youtu.be by @stephgriff1
Free Guide to Making Videos for the Web - from Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne - you can download the 28 page how to document. www.freetech4teachers.com Creating videos is one the activities that my students really enjoy doing. They enjoy it, in large part, because the finished product is som...
UNC Public Domain Images & Royalty Free Music - LibGuides. Click through the tabs for different resources. libguides.unco.edu This guide is intended to offer assistance in finding and using images and sound for projects and research. This is not a comprehensive list of sources. All users will need to pay special attention to copyright and licensing agreements.
- Will students need access to desktop computers or tablets? - Will students need digital cameras or video cameras? If so, do you have enough batteries? - Will students need microphones? - Will students need flashdrives, access to network folders or a means of transferring content from a tablet?
- Where will you host the videos or podcasts? - Do you need special parental permission or permission from your administrators to post in certain places? - How will students access the content created? (QR codes, Auras, OPAC?)
How to Make a Book Trailer - from Book Trailers for Readers www.booktrailersforreaders.com Book Trailers for Readers - How to make a book trailer
youtu.be by @stephgriff1
youtu.be By @StephGriff1
www.dummies.com iMovie ’11 introduces a new Movie Trailer feature that can actually turn your film clips into a Hollywood-class preview, complete with genre transitions and background music. To create a trailer project, follow these steps: Click the File menu and choose New Project (or press Command+N). Type a name for your project. Select the aspect ratio …
www.freetech4teachers.com Last year Donna Baumbach created a Google Slides presentation titled 26+ Ways to Use ThingLink In the Classroom . Yesterday, I received an ...
vocaroo.com For your enjoyment and edification.
Aurasma How-To Channel on YouTube www.youtube.com
Introduction to Aurasma & Augmented Reality learninprogress.blogspot.com
Chatterpix & Book Talks learninprogress.blogspot.com I spent hours over the last few weeks putting together a presentation for 21st Century Book Talks , and then "The Technician" (my local comp...
YouTube channel of how to videos for using the iMovie app. www.youtube.com
youtu.be The Tellagami App is available for iOS or Android. By combining photos, voice, character customization and personality on a mobile platform, we help you comm...
youtu.be ThingLink Tutorial - YouTube
App smashing is when you create content in one app, then move it to another to further enhance the content.
Schooltube is a good alternative for schools that have blocked YouTube. You do have to request moderator status after you set up your account. You may have to contact them again to speed up your access.
Link book trailers or book talks in Destiny youtu.be
Consider making your uploads private, so that only people with the link can view the videos.
How to share a private channel youtu.be Aurasma: Sharing a private channel - YouTube
Place QR codes in the back of books or on a display board to make it interactive.