Great Frederick Fair Exploration
Milk and Cows How It's Made: Milk... -
Milk Movements in the factory Homogenisation and Pasteurization Milk Movements in the factory Homogenisat... -
How is the production of milk in Tanzania different from the US? Spark Africa - Dutch entrepeneur starts su... -
Shearing A Sheep Sheep Shearing Made Simple... -
Wool to Sweater How It's Made Wool... -
Pig Farming See the care baby pigs and their mothers receive prior to and after the birthing process.
Wheat Breeder Wheat Breeder... -
Vet Veternarian... -
Soil Scientist Soil Scientist... -
Plant Scientist Plant Scientist 2... -
Milky Way: Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Guernsey and Jersey are the names of animals that came from other countries. What kind of animals are these?
It’s Fiber-Optics: On Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to the Western Hemisphere he brought sheep to which continent?
Birthing Center: Which county in Maryland is the top producer of milk?
City Streets, Country Roads: What percentage of the land in Frederick County is zoned for agriculture?
Machinery Row: Name the human-made feature used for storage of chopped plants, grains, and silage.
Beef Barns: Name the countries that are the top two producers of beef cattle.
Farms & Gardens: This building exhibits the best of traditional farm crops, flowers and plants from which county?
Poultry/Rabbits: Name the state where 300 million chickens raised for meat earned $600 million in agricultural value.
Transportation: How has transportation changed in Frederick county over the years? What impact does transportation have on Frederick County’s economy?
Map Elements: What important map element is missing from this map?
Directions: If you enter the Fair at Gate 6, which direction would you walk to get to the Beef Barns? Use your cardinal directions and the compass rose provided. There are many breeds of cows throughout the world, however, I think two are more recognisable than most, particularly in the United Kingdom. These are the Holstein Cow (which is the most popular) and the Jersey Cow. Holstein Cow   The Holstein Cow is the most popular cow and is coloured black and white. Holstein … Christopher Columbus - 2nd Voyage With more than $51.5 million in annual milk sales, Frederick County is the undisputed leader in the state in dairy production. Although the number of Frederick County dairy farms has leveled off over the past couple of years and holds steady at about 110, the U.S. Department of Agriculture census ranks the county No. 1 in the state with $51,537,000 in annual milk sales, according to Colby Ferguson, the county's agriculture development specialist. Washington County ranked second at $45 million in annual sales, and Carroll County was third at $21 million. At the moment, dairy farmers are enjoying good prices for their milk, Ferguson said. Milk is currently selling for $20.49 per hundredweight. But the industry is known for wildly fluctuating costs, and milk pricing has always been a thorny issue for dairy producers. "Einstein's theory of relativity is easier to explain than how milk is priced," said Point of Rocks dairy farmer Chuck Fry. "If you can find someone who can explain milk Kids learn about the biography and life of explorer Christopher Columbus. He discovered the Americas for Spain. Maryland Agriculture, Farming History of Land Transportation timeline. Elements found on most maps how to put grain to silo - Bing video

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