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<h3><b>Gelb Science Center</b></h3> <b>Classrooms</b>: Projectors &amp; screens w/AppleTVs <b>Room 202</b>: 16 laptop PCs, projector &amp; screen w/AppleTV
<h3><b>Pearson Hall</b></h3> <b>Classrooms</b>: Projectors &amp; screens <b>Additional space</b>: Tang Institute, TV w/Apple TV projection, ~40 seats ______ tanginstitute.andover.edu During the spring of 2015, approximately 30 female students at PA are participating in the Technovation Challenge, a global competition that encourages female students to work in teams to solve real-world problems through technology. One of the main benefits of bringing the program to PA is that it engages students, in a fun and practical …
<h3><b>GW Hall</b></h3><h3><b></b></h3><b> Theater classroom</b>: Projector &amp; screen, surround sound <b>GW photo classroom</b>: Projector &amp; screen
<h3><b>OWH Library</b></h3> <b>Reservable classrooms</b>: <i>MakerSpace</i>: 3D printers; laser-cutter; vinyl-cutter; ~16 seats <i>Dole Room</i><b><i>:</i></b> TV w/ AppleTV projection; ~36 seats Contact the OWHL for more info. www.noblenet.org Oliver Wendell Holmes Library » About the Library
<h3><b>Elson Art Center</b></h3> <b>Rooms 111, 218, 219, 231</b>: Projectors &amp; screens <b>Reservable classrooms in Polk-Lillard Center (PLC)</b>: <i>Lab 1</i>: 21 Macs, projector &amp; screen <i>Lab 2</i>: 17 Macs, projector &amp; screen Call x4560 or email plclabs@andover.edu to reserve.
<h3><b>Graves Hall</b></h3> <b>Classrooms</b>: TVs, Mac Minis <b>Clift Music Library</b>: 14 Macs &amp; keyboards; Sibelius musical notation software; x4264 <br /> photos.smugmug.com
<h3><b>SamPhil </b></h3> <b>Room B15</b>: Projector &amp; screen w/AppleTV <b>Rooms 113, 203, and B10</b>: TV w/AppleTV projection <b>All other classrooms</b>: Projectors &amp; screens <b>Reservable classrooms</b>: <i>Language Learning Center (basement level)</i>: 36 PCs &amp; seats; Sony Virtuoso/Soloist software Call x4201 or visit LLC to schedule. www.sansinc.com Solutions - SANS Inc.
<h3><b>Bulfinch Hall</b> </h3><b> Room B13</b>: TV w/AppleTV projection <b>Rooms 101, 105, 107</b>: tech-free <b>All other classrooms</b>: Projectors &amp; screens w/AppleTVs <b>Reservable</b> <b>classroom</b>: Tirana Room (B14): TV w/AppleTV projection; ~30 seats Call x4185 to reserve.
<h3><b>Cochran Chapel</b></h3> <b>Classrooms</b>: TVs, screens, projector on a cart
<h3><b>Morse Hall</b></h3> <b>Classrooms</b>: Projectors &amp; screens w/AppleTVs <b>Morse 103</b>: 4 PCs; projector &amp; screen ______ tanginstitute.andover.edu Math department faculty and students have created over 3,000 problems for Khan Academy.
<h3><b>Peabody Museum</b></h3> <b>Reservable classroom</b>: Portable smartboard, screen, projector, ~20 seats Call x4499 for more info.
<h3><b>PA Computer Center (PACC)</b></h3> <b>Reservable classrooms</b>: <i>Sem 1 &amp; 2</i><b>: </b>20 or 22 PCs and seats; projector &amp; screen w/AppleTV; printer <i>Writing Center</i>: 3 PCs; projector &amp; screen; printer; ~17 seats Email pacc@andover.edu to reserve.
<h3><b>Addison Gallery</b></h3> <b>Reservable classroom: </b><i>Knafel Learning Center</i>: 2 projectors &amp; screeens; ~35 seats Call x4017 for more information. encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com
<div><br></div><div><span style="font-size:16px;"><b>Paresky Commons </b></span></div><div><br></div><div><b>Mural Room</b>: TV, screen and projector</div><div><br></div><div><b>Ada's and Paul's Rooms</b>: TV w/AppleTV projection </div><div><br></div><div>Schedule these rooms through Outlook Calendar</div>
<div>This map shows the tech available inside academic classrooms and reservable spaces such as computer labs. If you are looking for general meeting spaces, check out the Reservable Meeting Spaces document maintained by the Head of School's office on the Faculty/Staff tab of PAnet: https://panet.andover.edu/modules/_641_1/CAMPUS%20MEETING%20ROOMS%202016.pdf</div> panet.andover.edu
<div><b><span style="font-size:16px;">Sykes Wellness Center</span></b></div><div><br></div><div><b>Reservable activity room:</b></div><div>Projector and screen for each side of room</div><div><br></div><div>Email pawellness@andover.edu to reserve</div> www.andover.edu Phillips Academy | Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center