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Watch this video to understand the "Function Machine" analogy. www.youtube.com
Play this *FLASH* "Function Machine" game to explore relationships between inputs and outputs. www.mathplayground.com Algebraic thinking with a function machine.
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A function is a relationship such that every input has exactly one output. www.mathsisfun.com What is a Function
In a function, for every "x" there is only one "y".
In a function, for every domain value there is only one range value.
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"x" is the INDEPENDENT variable.
"y" is the DEPENDENT variable. "y" DEPENDS ON "x".
The first 4 minutes of this video provide a great introduction! education-portal.com Study.com -
Students may first learn about functions as a type of "machine". Put something into the machine, the machine follows a rule, and something new comes out of the machine.
A "function rule" in algebra describes an equation. Choose an input for "x", perform the "rule" and get the output "y" or "f(x)". We read this function notation as "f of x".
Inputs and outputs can be organized using a table.
Inputs (domain values) and outputs (range values) can be visually organized using a mapping diagram.
Functions can be represented as graphs. Generating a set of points from a function rule can result in pictures like these.
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This table could also be represented as a set of ordered pairs. {(-2, -3) , (-1, -1) , (0, 1) , (1, 3) , (2, 5)} Most folks prefer organizing a set of ordered pairs using a table. It's easier to see the inputs and outputs that way.
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Functions www.youtube.com Functions can be thought of as mathematical machines, which when given an element from a set of permissible inputs, always produce the same element from a se...