The first Wheel Ever Invented was made in ancient Mesopotamia in the year of 3200 BC. The first wheel was used on Ancient Mesopotamian Chariots. From the very early designs used for pottery purposes to the most advanced contraptions known to mankind, the wheel has been continuously driving our civilization like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. We thought it would be a good idea to take a stroll through the many stages of the wheel evolution and see where it's heading now.
The wheel today is used mainly for transportation but we have many more ways of having transportation. We have cars, trains..., we even put wheels on planes. All they had in Ancient Mesopotamia were chariots. The final part of my "History of the wheel claymation" Fascinating facts about the invention of the Wheel by Mesopotamian's in c3500 BC..
Without the wheel the world would be a much more simple, but the hardest thing to do without the wheel is transportation.
Many people used to and still argue that the wheel is the best and the most useful invention ever.

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