Malawi's National Anthem Chichewa: Mlungu dalitsani Malaŵi English: God Bless Malawi Mlungu dalitsani Malaŵi (en:God Bless Malawi) is the national anthem of Malawi. It was composed by Michael-Fredrick Paul Sauka, who also wrote the words. It ...
Flag of Malawi
President of Malawi: Joyce Banda
Main Languages Used in Malawi: 1. Chichewa 2. Chitimbuka 3. Chiyao
In Malawi, they do not use U.S. dollars. In Malawi they use Kwacha data
Malawi is 11,429 sq miles large.
15.91 million people live in Malawi.
In Malawi, they mainly farm crops to make a living.

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