The Eastern Gorilla lives in a Rain forest
It has no Predators besides the people and the Gorillas can get shot in a crossfire.
The Eastern Gorilla is VERY VERY Large.
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The Eastern Gorilla can't blend in with the Jungle very good, the only time when you can't see them is when it is dark out.
It eats roots,shoots,leaves,and fruit and it looks for the food in the morning and late afternoon
People carry a diseases with them that can kill the Eastern Gorilla
They are getting hunted to
People don't kill them any more and there are not as many crossfires
The Male's height is up to 1.7 meters tall and weights 160 kilograms.The Female's height is up to 1.5 meters tall and weights 90 kilograms.
The Eastern Gorilla is black and the nose of the Eastern Gorilla is flat and very big
They are not camouflage
Eastern Gorilla sounds www.youtube.com Gorilla Sounds -The closest relatives of gorillas are chimpanzees and humans, all of the Hominidae having diverged from a common ancestor about 7 million yea...

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