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Democratization allows people to connect by spreading and sharing all types of art. (Press Pause Play) www.huffingtonpost.com (The following piece was inspired by a provocative essay written by the late Edward C. Banfield in the April 1982 issue of Harper's Magazine, "Art Versus...
Technology can create powerful relationships. (Craigslist Joe) www.craigslistjoe.com About Craigslist Joe | Craigslist Joe
Cinematography is an art that can help to show relationships in films. (Visual Literacy) www.lavideofilmmaker.com 11 Essential Film Techniques that every ambitious Filmmaker must master - With Animated Images
Relationships have a tremendous influence on ones decisions. (Seven Pounds) www.overbrookent.com
Post Traumatic Stress damages relationships if not treated. (P.T.S.) www.ptsd.va.gov Describes how trauma reactions can sometimes get in the way of closeness and connecting with others.
Systematic oppression ruins and prevents relationships. (Reel Injun) www.pbs.org Reel Injun illustrates how native people have contributed much to American cinema both in front of and behind the camera, despite Hollywood's frequent stereotypical portrayal of Indians.
Technology allows people to communicate and emphasize with people globally. (Media) postgrowth.org
Spiritual relationships are just as important as physical ones, especially in the Native American culture. (Ceremony) www.indians.org View of rituals and ceremonies in native american spirituality explained here.
Relationships with family and friends have the strongest bonds. (Smoke Signals) www.personalityresearch.org Social Support and Physical Health
The sharing of ideas creates more opportunity for relationships. (Culture and Communication) thesalesblog.com