Respiratory System
You inhale oxygen into your lungs in through your "nasal cavity."
This is your oral cavity ,but in the process of respiration you can inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.
This is the trachea and this leads to the lungs so you can process oxygen.
This is the pharynx also known as the throat that leads to the lungs followed by the trachea.
This is your larynx or your voice box, when you breath it makes vibrations that makes you speak.
The epiglottis is a flap in your throat that when food is going down the throat it gets to the digestive system not in the lungs.
The bronchus is the base of the trachea and moistens the air you breath.
The lungs hold air which then in the lungs the oxygen gets to the alveoli which gets oxygen in the blood
The diaphragm is a strong muscle that contracts and makes the lungs bigger and with that force air gets forced in your lungs and when the diaphragm relaxes you exhale.

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