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Anthrax is caused by the Gram positive, aerobic bacteria Bacillus anthracis, and it can be spread by the handling of materials gained from animals, or from the spores created in animal products. These spores can remain active and deadly for decades, and has potential use for biological warfare. upload.wikimedia.org
Anthrax infects the bloodstream, where it then multiplies at an incredible rate, and then has a variety of effects on the host. It is believed that anthrax might kill an immune cell called macrophages, or anthrax could actually be a type of enzyme that pulls apart protien
If anthrax is caught and treated early on, then it can be cured with the use of antibiotics and antitoxins, but if it's left alone for too long then the victim will have to be hospitalized for any hope of survival. They would have to go through extensive treatment, such as the purging of bodily fluids and the use fo an artificial mechanical breathing device. eatpraygrow.files.wordpress.com