Jacob's Family Tree
Went to stay with uncle, לבן. Fell in love with רחל; however, לבן gave him לאה. Is the father of twelve children. upload.wikimedia.org
לאה first son. "Because the LORD hath looked upon my affliction; for now my husband will love me." freepages.family.rootsweb.ancestry.com
לאה second son, Because "God has heard that she is hated." (To the right) distantshores.org
3rd son named לוי because לאה had given birth to 3 sons upload.wikimedia.org
4th son named יהודה because she will praise the lord d4nations.com
5th son, Because לאה gave זלפה to her husband Jacob farm9.staticflickr.com
her 6th and final son because God endowed her with good dowry. coatofmanycolors.net
רחל first son, "God has heard my voice and given me a son."
רחל second son, "I have wrestled many times with my sister and i have prevailed." d4nations.com
זלפה gave birth to גד first. "Fortune has come and his name was גד upload.wikimedia.org
זלפה gave birth again for לאה, "Happy am I, for the daughters will call me happy!" www.ngabo.org
רחל gave birth to jacob, " God has taken away my reproach and has therefore given me another son.(To the left) www.4to40.com
<div>The wife of יעקב. Gave birth to 6 sons and was unloved. Was given a handmaid, זלפה.(On the left.)</div> 4.bp.blogspot.com
The wife who יעקב actually loved. Gave birth to יוסף and רעובן. Was given a handmaid named בלהה.(On the right.) 4.bp.blogspot.com
The handmaid of לאה. She was given to יעקב after לאה stopped having children. Gave birth to 2 children www.bibleview.org
The Handmaid of רחל. She was first given to יעקב because she wasn't having any children. Gave birth to 2 children. www.bibleview.org