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It's average speed is 7.66 km. per second. International Space Station - Wikipedia
Scroll down to see information about the ISS. Space architecture - Wikipedia
It's first component was launched in 1998. The other components are still being launched.
It is in space, 230 miles (7.71km) away from Earth.It circles the Earth like a satellite.
It's call sign is Alpha.
The ISS could hold up to 6 people.
NASA, Roskomos, JAXA, ESA,and CSA are the 5 joint projects.
It is used as a microgravity and space enviroment research center, it is also an area to conduct experiment in human biology,physics,astronomy,meteorology,and it is also suited for testing of spacecraft systems and equipment requiered to the Moon and Mars.
This is a picture of the 17th group of people on the ISS.
This is a tour of the ISS. Tour of the International Space Station... -

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