Artists Share Mural's Secrets with Multimedia Newsroom
Hank Hill from "King of the Hill." Imgur: The magic of the Internet
UT Tower
Bob Bullock Museum
University Co-op Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Texas Capitol
Old Willie, known forever as the cartoon character that ran for governor. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Leo used to wander the Drag years ago. "A lot of this stuff doesn't make sense to anybody but us," they said. "It's all one big inside joke." Imgur: The magic of the Internet
"Is that Jesus?" we all asked. It's actually a guy named Bill who called the Drag home 40 years ago. Awn said he would walk about with a change bucket and tell people to smile. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Kerry Awn shares why he painted Matthew McConaughey naked on the mural. Listen to Austin Murals: Matthew McConaughey by KaineK #np on #SoundCloud
Ron King, who has opened several strip clubs in Austin. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
TIE Fighter from "Star Wars." "It's a crowd pleaser," Tommy B. said. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Why not the "Heart of Texas?" Listen to Austin Murals: "The Art of Texas" by KaineK #np on #SoundCloud
Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of the City."
South Austin
Sixth Street
Here's another example of the artists incorporating people they knew into the mural. The face in the bus is of Willis, "a street person who just used to be out here." Imgur: The magic of the Internet
The artists told us the guy in the middle was one of the first people to sell food on the street — in a time before the many food trailers Austin has now. He actually ended up in court several times before being allowed to sell food products on the streets, they said. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
The floating head is someone known as Eddie, who the artists say is their music guru. "You haven't got enough hours in the day to have us fully explain Eddie," the group said. "He's our personal guru. That's all you need to know." We guess it will remain a mystery. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
The group added stamps up here because they thought the mural looked like a giant postcard.
Although this house looks like the Littlefield House on the UT campus, the artists said this is actually a house that once stood on 11th and Guadalupe street but was torn down to put up a high-rise.
The group discusses some journalists who have had an impact on the murals. Listen to Austin Murals: John Kelso by KaineK #np on #SoundCloud
"Just some hippie chick riding through here," Kerry Awn said about this girl on a bike.
Colorado River (not to scale)
The Ritz is now the Alamo Drafthouse. Listen to Austin Murals: The Ritz is now Alamo Drafthouse by KaineK #np on #SoundCloud
What Dobie Center and Mall used to look like years ago.
Design, interview and audio editing by Kaine Korzekwa. All photos by Jessica Duong.

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