Gion Geisha, painting by Carolyn Hancock
Obi, the intricately tied sash, always of beautiful fabric, frequently woven with gold thread, This is not a typical wrapping of the geisha of Gion; it is one that I saw in Tokyo
Sake, written in Kanji, the typical drink in Japan
Dragon Friend, written in Kanji
Sapporo Beer, written in Katakana, became our very favorite of Japanese bi-rus.
Ultra feminine lifting of kimono as she steps up from curb. The traditional shoe, geta, make very short, staccato steps necessary.
Store fronts are typically narrow, with weathered wood, not much glass to allow privacy inside. I used red and black pastel to simulate a red lacquer look on the wood, not typical outside, but fun for me.
Glowing lanterns, a welcome, we are open, symbol of night life in the Gion District
Softer glow from paper lanterns announce night life happening inside the ochaya (teahouse)
As she approaches the ochaya, the white face makeup of the geisha reflects the warm colors of the light. The nape of the neck is considered a most sensual area. The art of applying the white face makeup around an elongated W emphasizes the nape.
Beautiful Japanese music the geisha of japan going about their everyday tasks to beautiful japanese relaxation music.
Gion Geisha captures my love for the beauty of traditional Japan. The geisha encompass many arts, from the intricacy of the obi, the white face leaving a small separation at the hairline to indicate a mask, the sensual pattern along the nape, the flowing kimono to the elaborate hair styling. In painting this, I took artistic liberty to give the feel of all things geisha, not to accuracy. Gion Geisha

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