This is a serf, they farm for the lords.
This is the Lords house, this person controlled/owned this land.
Unlike towns, manors have clean water.
This is a thatched roof, they are not seen as much anymore.
This is the manor church, it was very important during the middle ages.
This piece of farm land was not used at this time because of crop rotation. This is when you have 3 or more pieces of farm land and one year you don't use one to keep the crop land fertile.
This person is cutting wood. This was probably this person job for a living.
These people are probably getting water for cooking and clean inside their homes.
This is where the serfs (normal people) lived.
This is the windmill, the wind will probably be the energy to grind the grain at the bottom. Recorded on August 2, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
This is the serfs home, were the normal people live.