My pet rock: obsidian
Obsidian is a volcanic glass made out of cryptocrystalline grains of silica minerals.
The colors that obsidian can be is black, copper, gray, mahogany, red, flame, midnight lace, pumpkin, rainbow, and much much more!
Obsidian is obtained by surface mining.
This is how obsidian is created... THE COOL WAY!
Obsidian is considered semi precious because it is common in the ring of fire so it is considered as a igneous rock
This is how obsidian is created in Hawaii. Obsidian is created when lava cools in water. Lava finally reaches the Pacific Ocean at Kamokuna after a seven mile journey from the Pu'u O'o vent in Kilauea Volcano. A small black sand beach is formed w...
Obsidian is used in tools such as weapons, surgical tools, mirrors, and jewelry.
Here is a spear head made from obsidian.
Obsidian can also be used for pieces of art such as this

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