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Real or not? Not (yet) www.youtube.com YouTube
Real or not? Yes and no – sensor networks like this exist now, but certain functionalities are still TBD. www.intelfreepress.com Itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy and runny noses, coughing and even asthma attacks are rites of spring that come with blooming plants and skyrocketing pollen counts, but big data could spell big relief for allergy sufferers. Data visualizations available online today can help people plot routes that will allow them to avoid high-pollen areas and in the future this information could be made accessible on mobile devices.
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Real or not? Real! www.smartcity24x7.com
Real or not? Real! www.pcmag.com Online store Peapod.com has launched a virtual grocery shopping experience at a number of U.S. train stations.
Real or not? Real! runningclubapp.com