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In this video you see Kevin Connelly surfing it up. There's a term for what he's doing though, it's called Hanging ten. That's a popular surfing term that means you walk up your surf board, hang all ten toes off the edge and have your wave cover the back of the board. There's a signal that you are obligated to do if you complete this challenge. If you can, you raise one hand and have all fingers curled in a fist shaped ball except for your 1st and 5th finger. Some people use this just as a way of saying good luck to one another though! www.youtube.com Kevin Connelly Hanging Ten at The Shores with his new surf board. This was day two with his new board. With his new technology top grip your feet establish m...
Most people think surfing is only for oceans. What about creeks or rivers though? Think about it, if you can paddle surf in the ocean, why can't you paddle surf in a creek? In Montreal Canada surfing the waves of St. Lawrence river has become very popular in the last year. Surfers there can get in as much wave time in a day as an ocean surfer does in a month! Also, if you just want to practice you actually don't even need water. You can grab a skate board, a tarp and a few friends to pull waves! dongshow.files.wordpress.com
Surfing was a part of the ancient Hawaiian religion. It was recorded first by Joseph Banks in March 1779. Before surfing the Hawaiians would pray for strength, protection, and good surfing waves. If the ocean was still tame they became frustrated and asked a priest to guide them into a surfing prayer. The Hawaiians considered surfing an art not just an extreme sport! deeprootsmag.org