The Rest of the Story...
That would be FIVE Assessments!
No TIME will be saved. The writing will become PART of the Reading test.
What does this statement even MEAN? Students take the tests at the end of the course.
clear up?...don't you mean ADD TO...
And just WHEN have you spent time in a school during testing? Middle Schools are disrupted for WEEKS for testing due to the high number of online testing and minimal computer access. Students are displaced from using any computers during these weeks because they are all tied up in testing.
And WHAT is the source of this FACTOID? If you're referring to NAEP, only a VERY small percentage of students are given that test and there is no preparation at all for it. Students do not take it seriously.
Remedial course requirements are set by the universities and prove to be a HUGE moneymaker for higher ed...another moving target for K-12 schools.
WHAT assessments give students THIS kind of information...not the EOI's for sure!
NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE SINCE JANET HAS BEEN IN OFFICE: The percentage of students in Oklahoma who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 30 percent in 2013. This percentage was not significantly different from that in 2011 (27 percent) and in 1992 (29 percent).
When you only assess at the end of a course of study, it's too late to help students. Benchmark assessments are used to inform instructional practice, moving students closer to their goal of being college or career ready.
"EDITORS/Reporters: PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION: There are FIVE state or federal tests required in fifth and eighth grade: math, reading, writing, science AND social studies/U.S. history." Supt. Barresi's Regular Newspaper Column

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