This is a web reference. Sometimes, like here, you will be able to identify the author. If you can't, then you can use an organisation name e.g. World Health Organisation (tip: Endnote often has problems with organisation names!) or as a last resort, give the author as anonymous.
In addition to the page title, you need to give the URL of the webpage and the date you accessed it.
Authors should be listed in the order they appear in the paper you are referencing, surname followed by initials. NEVER give the authors' first names.
This reference is an AUTHORED BOOK. The three authors are jointly responsible for the whole book. You do not need to give the pages that you used. For all books you need to give the publisher and the city of publication.
<div>This is the journal name. Notice that it has been abbreviated: there is an official list of abbreviations that you should use. Make sure that journal titles are in title case (capital letter on important words).</div> Web of Science Help
<div>Note that a consistent format has been used for each journal reference. The year is in the same position, "and" has been used in the list of authors and the title of the article is written in sentence case. You could use title case for the article if you wished, but you need to be consistent.</div>
Page numbering in journals is done on a VOLUME basis. For example, issue 1 of a volume might run from pages 1-122, issue 2 from pages 123-247 etc. Once all of the issues that make up a volume have been published, they are bound together. This means that the only information you need to find an article in a journal is the volume number and page number. The issue number is superfluous and should be left out.
This reference was published in volume 22 of the journal Biochemical Pharmacology, on pages 3099-3108. Journals are usually published as monthly magazines or "issues" and a volume consists of a set number of issues - usually a year's worth.
This is an EDITED BOOK. Each chapter has an author (e.g. R. McKernan), a title and a page range. You need to give this information and then tell the reader the title of the book that the chapter is in, and who edited the book (J. Lindstrom). As with other books, the publisher and city of publication are also needed.
Notice that the author names are in alphabetical order.
<div>Book title so in title case</div>
<div>This is the journal title. It should be in title case with a capital at the start of each important word. It can be abbreviated or in full but you need to be consistent with the format.</div>