iPadeology by H. Davitz and C. Marcotte
TPACK in 2 Minutes Created by Candace Marcotte www.youtube.com This is a quick introduction to the dynamic framework, TPACK (Mishra & Koehler, 2006). It is not meant to be an in-depth view of the framework. For more info...
SAMR explained in 120 seconds Created by: Candace Marcotte www.youtube.com This is a quick introduction to the SAMR Model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. It is not meant to be an in-depth view of the model. For more information,...
When choosing apps, consider some of the following: TPACK, SAMR, curriculum, instruction assessment, student learning styles, age appropriateness, a variety of apps that allow for student choice and ownership of their learning. This checklist helped guide us in these decisions. docs.google.com iPad App Evaluation iPad App Evaluation Through the TPACK Lens Is this app relevant to our context? (Consider our learners - ages, needs, levels-, our teachers, our classroom set up, our vision and mission) [ ] Yes (please explain) Can this app be repurposed for use in different co...
Once you have evaluated your apps, you now want to provide your teachers, students and parents with a complete list of the apps and specifics in how they can be used in the students' learning process. Make sure you are viewing the Middle School app list. If you are on an ios device, choose the top link 6-8 MS Apps, if you are on a laptop, choose the correct tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for the 6-8 MS Apps. docs.google.com Create a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time – from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Sheets to edit Excel files. Free from Google.
We pre-searched many Learning Management Systems to determine which was the best fit for our students and teachers. We chose Schoology. These are the key characteristics that we looked for when choosing Schoology. •Ease of Use •Flexibility in workflow •Increased student voice •Differentiation •Suitable for Class sizes •Collaboration •Secure student learning environment •Parent access •Immediate feedback •Rubric Creation within app •Assessment Capabilities •Built in Grade book •Synching of Schoology and device calendar www.schoology.com Schoology allows instructors, students and administrators to create a meaningful virtual classroom and extend learning beyond the boundaries of the physical classroom
What better way to engage teachers in professional development then to make it fun. This was how we kicked off our summer professional development opportunities docs.google.com iPad Summer Bucket List There are 10 wonderful weeks of summer! This list includes one item per week to help you get to know your iPad, get ready for an exciting year with 1:1 iPads, and have a little fun! We will give you some direction and places to start, but we are leaving out step by step...
iPad 101 Level 1 of our summer professional development. sites.google.com iPad 101 - iPad Handbook
Pad 201 Level 2 of our summer professional development. sites.google.com iPad 201 - iPad Handbook
iTunes University Two iTunes University Classes 1. Quick Reference Guide: provides teachers with a comprehensive support manual when using the iPad as a personal tool and a tool in the classroom. 2. Workflow: Focuses on how to develop a workflow process for students so the technology can enhance movement and organization of teacher/student work, assessments and communication. sites.google.com 2013-2014 iTunes University- Teacher QuickStart Guide - iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
All resources, documents, tutorials and information necessary to help teachers successfully implement our 1:1 Resource Allocation are located in the teacher iPad Handbook. sites.google.com iPad Handbook
iSucceed Course iDiscover, iExplore, iCreate, iOrganize, iReflect, iShare sites.google.com iSUCCEED
Student Handbook: This document contains the District #34 agreement that both students and parents must sign prior to receiving their iPad. docs.google.com iPad One-to-One Rules and Regulations- .pdf
We gave this short presentation to our students just prior to distributing the iPads to review expectations. docs.google.com Welcome to the Middle School 1:1 iPad Pilot! “With great power there must also come-- great responsibility” - Stan Lee Teacher Notes: Being a part of the pilot means that you are the first middle school students to have the 1:1 experience. This is special, but it comes with a lot of responsibilit...
In addition to embedded professional development, check out these other professional development opportunities that are offered to Springman teachers. www.smore.com Ten Minute Tech Bytes and Thinker Thursdays are coming your way! What's a Tech Byte? Bring your lunch and join us for a 10 minute app...
This is an ongoing blog created by our current Attea 1:1 teachers staff. The purpose of the blog is to share information with our staff who are not yet part of the 1:1 Resource Allocation program. The blog includes examples of how the iPads are being used in instruction, quick troubleshooting tips and success stories and "aha" moments. amstechblog.blogspot.com Moving education forward!
iSucceed blog: Students communicate their experiences when using the iPad as a learning tool, create "How-tos" and tech tips to share with other students and teachers. isucceed.edublogs.org
U-Turn Safe Driving Class: Sometimes students need to review the 'Rules of the Road" when using technology. This course (using Schoology as the delivery tool) was designed to address issues that may arise when students have difficulty remembering the expectations they agreed to when they received their devices. sites.google.com iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
When students finish their classroom work, they can still continue using their iPad to learn. This graphic is just one example of how you can direct learners in how to use their iPad "Now That They Are Done". sites.google.com Now that I'm Done - iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
Students helping students is one of the most powerful resources we have utilized to ensure that everyone gets needed support. Our squad of Student Techies have become a valuable asset when implementing the 1:1 Middle School Resource Allocation Initiative. intranet.glenview34.org osTicket:: SCP Login
Citations sites.google.com Bibliography - iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
Follow our presentation here. www.slideshare.net Presentation for ICE 2014.
glenview34.org Latest News | Glenview School District 34
Observations by our teachers who will participate in the 1:1 next year have been a major component to our professional development. Giving teachers time to observe how learning looks when you add a device to a student's classroom experience and to see the differences in how teachers integrate the iPad into lessons has been key in helping our staff get ready for a full middle school implementation. Teachers observe the varied levels of readiness in using the iPads as an instructional tool. Now that we have completed the first year of our pilot, we have teachers at readiness levels. By teachers observing these differences, they begin to understand that they can move at their own pace and ability.
Timeline to Deployment s3.amazonaws.com

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