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What ThingLink can do for Education

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Learn about setting up ThingLink Channels to help direct students to the right places. d97cooltools.blogspot.ie
Calendar of activities (not necessarily Christmas-themed) www.thinglink.com
Share student reflections www.thinglink.com
Quick self-check activity for students www.thinglink.com
Concept maps built for deeper levels of understanding www.thinglink.com
Class technology preparation guide (and excuse preventer) www.thinglink.com
Poll your students www.thinglink.com
Comparisons over time www.thinglink.com
What kinds of online media can you embed in a ThingLink? www.thinglink.com
Interactive museum guide (proof of concept) www.thinglink.com
Introduce a cast of characters www.thinglink.com
Make "just-in-time" help for student review www.thinglink.com
Anatomy review -- Like flashcards without the cards www.thinglink.com
Explain software navigation and tools www.thinglink.com
... or do it this way www.thinglink.com
Interactive Resume/Portfolio www.thinglink.com
Make your word clouds understood www.thinglink.com
Show a step-by-step process www.thinglink.com
Show students (or parents) what is in your classroom www.thinglink.com
Build a How-To resource (And spectacular marketing idea. Good call on that one, Home Depot.) www.thinglink.com
Literature Review www.thinglink.com
Digital Bookshelf -- filled from project Gutenberg www.gutenberg.org www.thinglink.com
See more spectacular educational resources at my Instructional Design blog. esuid.wordpress.com
Analyze art www.thinglink.com
Introduce yourself(s) with a visual directory www.thinglink.com
Display and explain your field's vital equipment www.thinglink.com
Interactive maps to contextualize historical events www.thinglink.com
Course management system -- a virtual school setup www.thinglink.com
Add interactivity to your infographics www.thinglink.com
Contextualize historical documents www.thinglink.com
Visualize life's important events www.thinglink.com
Biography reports www.thinglink.com
Interactive tutorials for classroom equipment (I would have loved to find one about microscopes, with embedded videos for each feature.) www.thinglink.com
Outline a set of tutorials for your students www.thinglink.com
Replace a textbook chapter with the best resources, compiled and organized by you, and designed to teach better. www.thinglink.com
Do more with your diagrams (especially the cool vintage ones) www.thinglink.com
Picture grids www.thinglink.com
A playlist of ThingLink tutorials for doing various ThingLink tasks (If the link just plays the first video, visit http://goo.gl/xwqV4f ) youtu.be
#digitalstorytelling twitter.com
Teaching with Visuals www.flickr.com
Visual Learning en.wikipedia.org
A video-enhanced life-cycle diagram www.thinglink.com
Prompt your students to remix your image to make a class compilation www.thinglink.com
Instead of making students read another batch of classmate bio paragraphs every time they start a new online class... www.thinglink.com
Interactive student comics www.thinglink.com
Facilitate classroom investigations... check out the level of student-generated questions, research, and discussions in the comments section www.thinglink.com
Start the ThingLink Teacher Challenge, a self-paced professional development guide that helps apply ThingLink tools to classroom teaching strategies thinglinkblog.com