"Monitor" - Franz Kline, The artist of this painting is F...
"Monitor" - Franz Kline www.studyblue.com Study 95 Identifications flashcards from Natasha D. on StudyBlue.
The artist of this painting is Franz Kline. He was born in 1910 and was a big part of the abstract expressionist movement in the 40-50's en.wikipedia.org Franz Kline - Wikipedia
Painted using oil on canvas in 1957
“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” ― Mark Twain The meaning of this quote reminds me of this piece because it is saying how everyone has their public life that everyone can see, and a private life, which could be dark. I think it reflects the nature of the picture and the feeling of dark secrets.
Franz was 42 when he painted this peice. It is now 57 years old.
The Tallest Man On Earth - The Gardener This song reminds me of this piece because of the hidden meaning in the lyrics. The first time listening to it, one may think this is just a love song. But when you look farther into the lyrics you can see that "the gardener" is really just a man this is killing all of the other men that are trying to get close to the person he loves. This is his dark side, just like the picture. www.youtube.com YouTube

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