The faces inside the newsroom
Journalism sophomore Jacob Lauing is deputy news editor for digital and print. Lauing's job responsibilities include editing and publishing stories for the web and laying out pages two and three of the newspaper. He manages the news reporters and their beat stories. Lauing enjoys his job's learn-by-doing aspect and the "extraordinary people" he works with the most. "Because we spend so much time in here, your coworkers become your very, very close friends," Lauing said. "It's really like some people join clubs, some people join fraternities, some people join sororities, but Mustang News is all of that in one ... you really get to know your coworkers really well ... it's fun to hang out with those people all the time." Mustang News has undergone changes this past year that several editors have faced together. Lauing has witnessed these changes firsthand. "I think the staff is more unified in general," Lauing said. "I feel like especially this year, since we're all in this rebranding, redesign, restructuring together, we're all pretty fired up about it." Lauing discusses what people might not know about Mustang News: Listen to Jacob by KassiLuja #np on #SoundCloud
I am Kassi Luja, a journalism senior and the arts editor of Mustang News. I manage the arts staff that includes reporters, photographers and columnists. I assign, edit and publish stories. I also lay out the arts pages of the newspaper.
Graduate student Stephan Teodosescu is sports editor. Teodosescu manages the sports staff which includes reporters, photographers and a columnist. He assigns, edits and publishes sports stories. He also lays out the sports pages of the newspaper. "It’s the best job on campus," Teodosescu said. "I get paid to edit and write about sports." Something people outside of the newsroom might not realize is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. "We print two days a week but we actually work seven days a week," Teodosescu said.
Graphic communication senior Megan Heddinger is the graphic designer. Heddinger designs the bottom half of the front page of the newspaper. She also creates graphics for the various sections of the newspaper as needed.
Journalism senior Eden Elissague is multimedia editor. Elissague oversees the multimedia journalists as they create various multimedia elements including videos, gifs, photos, thinglinks, etc.
Journalism senior Erica Husting is the special sections coordinator. Husting is in charge of coordinating the special editions of the paper including the WOW edition, Alcohol Awareness edition and Menu Guide. "With special sections you basically start out from nothing and then you work to create a final product," Husting said. "There's nothing more satisfying than that."
Business administration senior J.J. Jenkins is editor-in-chief. Jenkins oversees and manages the entire print staff.
Journalism senior Carly Rickards is the integrated content editor. Rickards is in charge of the multimedia and web sector of Mustang News which includes the multimedia editor, multimedia journalists, the social media director and the web editor.
Journalism senior Jenna Watson is the CCPR student manager and Mustang News public relations leader. Watson oversees the public relations division of Mustang News. She engages with the community on a PR level and shares published articles with the community.
Journalism junior Olivia DeGennaro is the broadcast news director. DeGennaro is in charge of Mustang News TV and oversees the broadcast sector.
Journalism senior Sean McMinn is the Mustang Media group editor. McMinn oversees Mustang Media Group as a whole and ensures that integration between print, broadcast, public relations and multimedia runs smoothly. He also acts as a managing editor for the news section and is in charge of news enterprise stories and breaking news. "I think a lot of people don't know that Mustang News actually goes in-depth and is very current with a lot of issues on campus," McMinn said. "Mustang News has provided me with a way to make friends and work at the same time." Listen to Sean McMinn by KassiLuja #np on #SoundCloud
Throughout the day, various staff members convene at this table. It is also where editors come together for meetings. During work nights, copy editors use this desk to edit pages before they're sent off to the press.
This red couch is often where staff members can be seen taking a nap after a long day.