Remix of "Conductors and Insulators"
A material or an object that conducts heat, electricity, light, or sound. Electrical conductors contain electric charges (usually electrons) that are relatively free to move through the material; a voltage applied across the conductor therefore creates an electric current.
You tube video on open and closed circuits. This video introduces the concept of an electric circuit. It describes the difference between an open and closed circuit.
The history of batteries. In the 1800s, before the invention of the electrical generator (the generator was not invented and perfected until the 1870s), the Daniell cell was extremely common for operating telegraphs and doorbells. The Daniell cell is also known by three other … Continue reading →
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Learn to build a circuit with this interactive site.
Freankensteins safety tips. The Tech
Quiz on conductors and insulators BBC - Schools Science Clips - Circuits and conductors
Circuit interactive whiteboard game. flashmain
<div>metals versus nonmentals</div> Amanda's friend Kyle is having trouble understanding matter, but she knows just the thing to do. She takes him to A Matter of Fact, an interesting store full of scientific things—and a peculiar storeowner to help them! Kyle learns all about the physical and chemical properties of matter, such as conductivity, magnetism, and combustibility. He finds out what mixtures and solutions are. Last, he learns about the physical and chemical changes of matter like rusting, tarnishing, and burning. Educational video streaming delivered right into your elementary lessons by! School Videos and 100% Educational Videos provide the award-winning video clips and educational interactive whiteboard activities that will make your lesson plans and student engagement easy. Your favorite titles from and are all now available through this online product from SchoolMedia, Inc.
Conductivity video Access a massive, curriculum-correlated collection of learning objects — in the classroom or via remote learning.
<div>Refridgerator study cards</div>
Electricity and circuit matching game. Quia - Science SOL 4.3 - Electricity and Magnetism Matchup
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits If someone had told me, Helen P. Crowson, that one day, I'd own a website where I would share my wisdom and favorite quotes with keen readers — I wouldn't have believed a single word! Yet, that has come true, and Lesson Paths is the product of my life's work.

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