We're going to save the world!
Let's try to riduce our carbon footprint. We have to do it to save the world! footprint.wwf.org.uk
Let's people know about new habits and Technologies to preserve our planet that's the only one we've got. youtu.be A one minute animation about climate change and energy from WWF-Brazil.
"The story of humankind and our relationship to the earth may be seen as a continuing adventure or a tragedy shrouded in mystery. The choice is ours." --AL GORE 4.bp.blogspot.com
the issues with animals and ice melting... www.picmonkey.com A photo edited with PicMonkey
the natural disasters caused by this phenomenom... www.picmonkey.com A photo edited with PicMonkey
If we continue to believe that this issue doesn't exist, in the future the consequences will be worser and worser. www.picmonkey.com A photo edited with PicMonkey

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