Digestive System of A Frog
A cute song about the digestive system of a frog to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' www.showme.com ShowMe is an open online learning community where anyone can learn and teach any topic. Our iPad app lets you easily create and share video lessons.
Heart The function of the frog's heart is to power the circulatory system. It pumps oxygenated blood through the blood stream and oxygenated blood through the lungs. www.youtube.com
Liver of the Frog The liver of a frog is very important. It is considerably larger than a humans liver because of all of the toxins that are necessary to be filtered out of a frog's system in comparison to a humans. Living most commonly in marshes, a frogs liver is used on a regular basis to filter out natural and human made toxins found in their habitats.
The Mouth The mouth is the first stage of the frog's digestive system. It breaks down the food by chewing, as well as some with saliva.
Stomach The stomach of the frog is used in the digestive system to break down food and then pass it on to the large intestines.
Gallbladder The producer of bile, used to break down foods in the digestive system.
Cloaca Where any digested waste, liquid excrements, or reproductive materials are excreted from the frog's body. Essential end to the digestive system.
Interesting video about the difference between the human digestive system and the frog's digestive system. www.youtube.com YouTube

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