Hunefer 's Book of the Dead-made simple
Part croc, part lion, part hippo. This she demon devours up the heart and soul of any evil heart that weighs more than the feather of Maat/Truth. Ammit
Hunefer's heart it the only organ left intact in his mummified body. Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart must be weighed to see if the person did good or bad deeds in their lives. If it was lighter than the feather of Truth then the person would be allowed into heaven and given eternal life. The heart was put into a clay pot.
This is the spirit of Hunefer telling the line of gods all the wonderful things he did in his life. And all the naughty things that he didn't do like 'I have not killed anyone, I have not let anyone go hungry.' He repeats 40 of these.
Anubis, god of mummification, death, embalming. Visit the Ancient world of the Egyptian god Anubis. Discover fascinating information and facts about Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead. The mythology and facts about the Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead.
God of the underworld. He wears white because he died an awful death at the hands of his evil brother Seth and was mummified by Anubis and his wife Isis. Osiris gives the final judgement as to whether a soul can go to heaven and have eternal life. Osiris
These four guard the inner organs of the mummy and stand on a lotus blossom, a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Watch this video for more info.
Scale of Maat, goddess of truth, justice and balance. Her scale as well as her feather is used to weigh the soul of all those souls whose bodies have been mummified. Visit the world of Ancient Egyptian gods and facts on the Egyptian goddess Maat. Discover fascinating information and facts about Maat the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. The mythology and facts about the Maat the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice.
This is Hunefer who was a rich, important scribe/writer. Look at an informative video all about his scroll. Hunefer's Judgement in the presence of Osiris, Book of the Dead, 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, c. 1275 B.C.E., papyrus, Thebes, Egypt (British Museum). . Create...
Hunefer again, his heart has been judged and it's a light, good heart. Hunefer is about to meed Lord of the underworld, Osiris.
Thoth, god of medicine, secretary of the underworld, scribe of the gods. He writes everything down that happens in the judgement.
Horus, son of Osiris. He holds an ankh-symbol of eternal life. He introduces Hunefer to Osiris, his father.
Salt symbolized by white layer here. Salt or Natron was used to dry out the mummified bodies.
Egyptian pattern for water. Osiris sits on a symbol of the Nile river.
The eye or Horus with his falcon Symbol and an ostrich feather-symbol of eternal life. The eye of Horus is connected to the fight between Horus and his evil uncle Seth, who ripped out Horus's left eye. They fought over the throne of Egypt for 80 years, Horus also wanted to avenge his father, Osiris's murder.
Find out about the Sun God Ra. He fights Apis, the evil snake god every night and brings up the sun every day.
Isis and Nepthys. Isis is the wife of Osiris and Nepthys is the wife of Anubis and guardian of the underworld.
This is Hunefer's soul, find out what happened to his body! Very interesting and a bit gross!!! Dr Joann Fletcher examines the process of mummification.
Maat's feather of Truth. The heart of Hunefer is weighed against this feather.

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