A noiseless Patient Spider
Free verse, there is no structure to the poem, nor are there rhyme schemes,
This paints a huge picture in my head. It refers to the lonliness he feels/felt, and that he feels that he is trying to find himself but he is alone in a world with so many people.
Not literal; His soul isn't literally in an ocean of space. This just refers to the emptiness, and the openness of discontent he has.
The Noiseless patient spider represents his soul.
The noiseless patient spider. ih0.redbubble.net
The bridge symbolizes overcoming the lonliness, or discontent he feels. The completion of the bridge means he's accomplished happiness such as he needed. 1.bp.blogspot.com
This to me is the most important line because this symbolizes overcoming an obstacle, and continuing to overcome it. The anchor symbolizes the hold, and the ability to keep the change you've earned.

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