Gold was found in California in 1949. People all over the place came and tried to become rich. People who came were called the 49ers.
Many people came to get this so they can become rich. People got gold fever to get this.
Louisiana Purchase was land purchased from France. Lewis and Clark went on an expedition to explore the Louisiana land and find the Pacific Ocean.
President Andrew Jackson made the 5 civilized tribes walk to their reservations in present Oklahoma. that let us have all the land on the East of the Mississippi River
Texas Annexation was when the independent Texans chose to be state in the United States. Mexican Cession was when Mexico lost a war and gave up territory known as California, Nevada, etc for $18 million.
The Oregon Trail was a 2,000 mile trail from the east to the Oregon Country. More than 50,000 settlers took the treacherous trail to go to the west and settle there.
Meriwether Lewis was selected by his former friend William Clark to go on an expedition to the Louisiana territory.
Lewis and clark were sent to explore the Louisiana territory and see the wilderness, natives, etc.
The Cherokees had to go to reservations because 3 cherokees signed a contract to move and get money.
The 5 civilized tribes had to walk all the way from their home to the reservations in present day Oklahoma
Many settlers had used the Oregon Trail to move west and settle there.
Oregon Country was wanted by 4 countries but later Great Britain gave the Oregon County to U.S. Many people wanted to move there because they thought it was our duty to inhabit this whole Continent.
Gold was found at Sutter's Mill in California. That is where the California Gold Rush started from.
The Alamo was where the Texan settlers tried to live and keep their independence from Mexico
The Mexican Cession happened when Mexico lost the war against the United States and had to give away some land for $18 million. The United States got more than 500,000 square miles of territory.
"Thomas Jefferson had sent us to explore the Louisiana territory and it really proved itself being valuable. Me and my whole group were tired, we continued to walk towards our destination. The Pacific Ocean was far away but we continued on. Starving, and thirst didn't stop us, we collected samples for Jefferson and fought with determination through everything that came our way. Louisiana territory tested our skills and determination. It could really be a place where many people can settle. With such a vast area, the whole population can fit here." -William Clark
"One day we saw the English coming our way. They told us to hurry along and start walking. they didn't even let us pack our stuff. We all had to march away from our home with a gun next to our head. We walk, we were tired, thirsty, and starving. We stopped for the night and the next day we had to continue walking. they didn't care about us, they just let us die. They would treat us harshly, they would barely give any water or food. Finally we came to a pen and they stuffed us here. Everyday more of our tribe would arrive. It was a sad time for all the Native Americans. The Trail of Tears was horrible. " -Cherokee Indian
"I was walking around the Sutter Mill when I saw something shiny in the water. I put my hand in there and picked up the rock. It was gold! It was small, but it was gold. the news of gold spread like wildfire, soon enough everywhere was filled with people trying to find gold. It was a great place to find gold because nobody ever looked for it here." -James Marshall
"I heard that there was a lot of great farm land. It was almost the end of fall, we had crossed the Great Plains and hurrying along the Rockies. We still had one more obstacle. We had to go on one trail in the mountains when it was freezing cold. We finally got out after months and we reached the Oregon Country and had great land to settle and live." -Oregon Trail Traveler
"Texas was such a big piece of land for us and we let settlers come in. We should have know they would try to take it away. We lost it in a fight after we killed the settlers. We could have been a superpower with Texas." -Santa Anna
"There was a lot of people trying to get the same thing. It was a great place to settle because most of people will eventually go back. There were a lot of jobs to support the miners and it was costly. It would have stayed if I didn't already have a home in the east." -49ers
"We lost so much land to U.S., they fought us after the Alamo incident and we lost after they surrounded the capital. I had to give away a lot of the land. Mexico could have been a superpower with this land. It was good for settling also." -Santa Anna
"The Oregon Country was a great to settle. I got a big farmland and had a lot of space to settle. It was also nice to be away from all that population and have some peace and quiet." -Oregon Trail Traveler
"I am very happy about how I was able to get the Native Americans out of our territory. It is not like it will not be fine, they will have new land and will get some money to start their new life. The reservation will be perfect for them so they can stay together and also out of our territory." -Andrew Jackson
"The Louisiana territory was a great place to settle if it was cleared a bit. The territory had a lot of Native Americans which helped with the expedition because without them we wouldn't have lasted that long. It was a great territory if it was used." -Sacagawea