Romeo & Juliet Character Map
Montague Servant
Romeo’s Father
Romeo’s Mother, dies of grief when Romeo is banished
Romeo’s Servant
Romeo’s good-natured friend
Woman who Romeo is obsessed with at the beginning
Marries Romeo & Juliet and puts together plan to fake Juliet’s death
Sent to Mantua to tell Romeo of Juliet’s faked death but is quarantined and never arrives.
Romeo’s witty, loyal friend killed by Tybalt when defending Romeo
Illegally sells Romeo poison
Banishes Romeo from Verona
Juliet’s suitor & cousin of the Prince. Killed by Romeo at Capulet tomb.
Juliet’s hot-headed cousin. Kills Mercutio and then is killed by Romeo.
Capulet servant and messenger between Romeo & Juliet
Juliet’s irritable & irrational father who demands she marry Paris.
Juliet’s mother who is wanting Juliet to marry Paris.
Capulet servant who fights Montagues at the beginning
Capulet servant who fights Montagues at the beginning A character map showing how the characters in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet are connected.

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