The Art and Heart of St. Thomas: Advent 2013
Isaiah 2:3 Pencil Sketch by Cassandra Price
Psalm 122:1 Mixed Media Construction By Sarah Masters
Psalm 122:2-3 By Ann Fuqua
Psalm 122:6 Wood Carving by Wayland Rennie
Psalm 122:7-8 Construction Project by Ann and Wayne Fuqua
Romans 13:12 Photo by Sharon Peck
Matthew 24:44 Photo by John Haddad
Isaiah 11:1-2 Watercolor by Vera Meier
Isaiah 11:6 by Sarah Masters (charcoal, graphite, oil stick)
Isaiah 11:7 Wood Carvings by Wayland Rennie
Psalm 72:4 Photo by Patrick Gilmore (taken at Teddy Bear Ride for Children's Hospital)
Romans 15:5 Table Runner by Susan Ball
Romans 15:13 Co-created art by Sarah Kye Price and the parishioners of St. Thomas (Coffee and Conversation, April 2013)
Matthew 3:3 Oil Pastel by Sarah Masters
Isaiah 7:14 By Sarah Masters (graphite, oil stick, and oil pastel)
Matthew 1:20-21 Paint over print image mixed media by Paul Mahoney
Isaiah 9:2 Pencil Sketch by Sarah Kye Price
Luke 2:10-19 Photo by John Haddad
Isaiah 35:1 Mixed Media Collage by Sarah Masters
Isaiah 35:2 Sewn by Mary Whittle
Isaiah 35:4 Photo by Michael Price
Isaiah 35:10 Watercolor by Vera Meier
Psalm 146:5-6 Oil Stick by Sarah Masters
James 5:8 by Sarah Masters (oil stick)
Luke 1:52-55 Wood Carving by Wayland Rennie

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