Enola Gay
The Enola Gay was a Boeing B-29 Super fortress Bomber. Owned by the U.S. The planed weighed 69,610 pounds. s4.thingpic.com
He built the plane and was also the pilot of the Enola Gay. upload.wikimedia.org
The Enola Gay dropped an atom bomb over Nagasaki Japan.
This is a picture of the bomb. The U.S nicknamed it Little Boy. It weighed 9,700 pounds and was 10 feet long. s4.thingpic.com
The U.S bombed Nagasaki, Japan on August 6th 1945 on a Monday at 2:45 AM. American time because while it was nightime here it was daytime there. Nagasaki is at the bottom of Japan. upload.wikimedia.org
It was named after Paul Tibbets mother. His mothers name was Enola Gay Tibbets. mstecker.com
The U.S wanted to bombed Hiroshima but they missed and bombed Nagasaki. The Enola Gay was detected by Japanese radar. An U.S weather plane then flew in and was a distraction. Then the Enola Gay dropped the Bomb.
The 12 people on the plane were Paul Tibbets(pilot and manufacturer), Robert Lewis(co-pilot), Thomas Ferebee(Bombardier), Theodore Van Kirk(Navigator), William Parsons(weaponeer and mission commander), Jacob Beser(redar countermeasures), Morris Jeppson(assistant weaponeer), George Caron(tail gunner), Wyatt Duzenburry(flight engineer), Joe Stborik(radar operator), Robert Shumard(assistant flight engineer), Richard Nelson(VHF radio operator). www.maritimequest.com
The plane is now in the National Air and Space Museum. newsdesk.si.edu
It had the number 82 because of its radio code.
This is a picture of it taking off. It departed from Runway Able, on the island of Tinian. In the northern Mariana Island chain. wikitravel.org

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