“The Profiteers of Death are hardy, long-lived... their only interest is self-interest and their only god is profit. As munition manufacturers they have no country. As politicians their interest is in a strong ruling class and the concentration of privilege.... But they seldom realize that death is their leader. He loves them for he knows that sooner or later they will fill his coffers. He knows that they are breeders of wars and revolutions.... Their tenacity and immemorial stupidity pass all understanding; they are creatures vastly sharp-sighted, but incurably shortsighted. In this country they hate the ideal of Democracy, but they are glad of its loose rein, which has given them plenty of rope.” –Mabel Dwight, A Catalogue Raisonné of the Lithographs, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997.
How did the Nye Munitions Investigation animate the USA's attitude of neutrality in the face of aggression by nations like Germany, Japan, and Italy? www.mtholyoke.edu The Nye Report on the Munitions Industry and World Peace, 1936
Listen to the speech by FDR closely. What is his attitude towards those who would profit from the war in Europe? www.youtube.com President Franklin Roosevelt's declaration of neutrality delivered on September 3, 1939. This is an edited version of the address. For full presidential spee...
Notice how the vultures are flying in and landing and morphing into the war profiteers
U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler, two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient: In his penultimate chapter, Butler argues that three steps are necessary to disrupt the war racket: 1. Making war unprofitable. Butler suggests that the owners of capital should be "conscripted" before other citizens are: "It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war. The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labour before the nation's manhood can be conscripted. … Let the officers and the directors and the high-powered executives of our armament factories and our steel companies and our munitions makers and our ship-builders and our airplane builders and the manufacturers of all other things that provide profit in war time as well as the bankers and the speculators, be conscripted — to get $30 a month, the same wage as the lads in the trenches get."
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The people are the "Merchants of Death"....men who made money from selling WEAPONS to warring nations during World War One.
The "Merchants" are being led by "DEATH" ....the band leader
Factories during WW ONE had profited from the deaths of people in WW ONE. So, on the eve of World War Two, many Americans wanted to be NEUTRAL and not supply ANY nation with weapons.
America's attitude was ISOLATIONIST....we did NOT allow weapons to be sold to nations who could have stopped Hitler and Japan in the 1930s because we felt guilty about what had happened in WW One.