[Infographic] Help Close the Achievement Gap
cehdvision2020.umn.edu MCRR at CEHD University of Minnesota literacy and reading comprehension k-12 research and resources, PRESS project to eliminate literacy gap
cehdvision2020.umn.edu At UMN CEHD we envision what could be. Our Vision 2020 four priorities help education and human development for children, families and communities.
cehdvision2020.umn.edu How parents can create a productive learning environment at home from research at UMN CEHD.
cehdvision2020.umn.edu How to motivate children to read with tips for parents and teachers from UMN CEHD research and literacy expert Lee Galda.
cehdvision2020.umn.edu See how the University of Minnesota CEHD is helping transform teacher education to close the achievement gap.
cehdvision2020.umn.edu Research at the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development shows parents can help their children prepare for reading as infants.
cehdvision2020.umn.edu As school begins, learn tips for helping kids with reading from university researchers and literacy experts from UMN CEHD.

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