Digital Citizenship Survival Kit
Packet of Seeds: think about the seeds that your are sowing. - Could it grow into a bigger problem? - Or is their plant going to be a strong, positive representation of who they are?
Plug In: You don't need to be connected all the time - sometimes it is okay to "unplug".
Mirror: If you had a mirror attached to your device, would the person reflected approve of what you are doing or saying online? (Note: Would your grandmother approve?)
Sheet of Paper: A crumpled piece of paper still retains all of the "scars" even if someone apologizes - great activity to illustrate the impact of cyber-bullying.
More details on the Crumpled Piece of Paper activity My friend, Jon, on Facebook sent me this picture, and writing which I had to share here. It is an amazing lesson for a teacher to teach on bullying. I’m not sure who the author is, so I can&#…
Magnifying Glass: First impressions start with Google. What will show up when someone searches you on Google?
Strainer: As digital citizens, your students have to be good at "straining" out the bad stuff, what is real, what's not and finding material that is applicable to their search/use of the internet.
Tattoos: The content you share online serves as a "Digital Tattoo" - tattoos are difficult to remove.
Notebook: If you kept a journal of everything that you did online, would you be comfortable if anyone could read that journal?
Soap: Keep your posts, posting, tweets, and retweets of information clean and appropriate.
Band-Aid: The mistakes kids make today will be Googleable.
Pet Tie-Out Cable: Parents, set limits when it comes to being online at home.
CRAAP Test is a great resource for straining information.
Thinglink adapted from original work by Craig Badura. I have been thinking about some "new" items I could add to my original  Digital Citizenship Kit that I created last year.  Like I said in ...
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Staying Sane in Cyberspace created and compiled by Lisa Johnson - Listly of resources to support parents with managing devices at home: screen time, pedagogy, internet safety, responsible use, digital footprints, eportfolios, and much more. Resources to support parents with managing devices at home: screen time, pedagogy, internet safety, responsible use, digital footprints, eportfolios, and much more. | TechChef4u, TechChef4u Facebook, Kids and screen time - how much time should your children spend in front of a screen?, The Balance of Screen Time, and Brain Research - Technology usage with kids
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