Plant Cell City
Solar Power Plant: (Chloroplasts) Takes in sunlight and turns it into energy. In plant cells, this is photosynthesis, taking in energy from the sun and turning it into food/energy (sugar).
City Hall: (Nucleus) Is responsible for what happens in the city and makes decisions on what the city should do. It also contains documents of the rules and instructions for the city. In a plant cell, the nucleus controls the cell's activity and gives the instructions on what the cell should do. It also contains the nucleolus, which contains the cell's DNA.
City Food Bank: (Vacuole) Stores food, water, and other things that are consumed. Distributes them to whoever needs them. In plant cells, it is also filled with those things (cell sap) and releases it when needed.
Political City Boundary: (Cell Wall) The wall holds the city together in one area, separates it from other cities, and protects it. It defines inside and outside, is a line that not everyone can cross, and surrounds border control. In a plant cell, the cell wall protects the cell from over expansion when water enters the cell, is rigid and supports the cell and its shape, and filters out large particles, but lets smaller nutrients and proteins enter. It also surrounds the cell membrane.
Open Land and Atmosphere: (Cytoplasm) Takes up the space that that is not used or developed. It is also what everything is in or on.It is also space that other things can be placed, like pollution. In a plant cell, the cytoplasm is the watery, viscous liquid that keeps thing in place and provides shape and support to the cell. It also contains dissolved nutrients and helps dissolve waste materials.
Coal Power Plant: Mitochondria
Coal Power Plant: Mitochondria
Coal Power Plant: Mitochondria
Coal Power Plant: (Mitochondria) It uses coal and oxygen to produce energy for the city which is used and/or stored. In a plant cell, the mitochondria uses the cell's food (sugar) and combines it with oxygen to produce energy which is either used or sent to the vacuole for storage.Both mitochondria and coal power plants produce heat while producing energy.
Recycling Center/Landfill: (Lysosome) Gets rid of the city's waste or recycles it. In a plant cell, it disposes of waste, worn out parts, or even the whole cell. It also digests food particles.
Building Materials In Warehouses: (Ribosomes) The major things that are transported in a truck around city and the things that the city is made of. In plant cells, they are transported to golgi apparatuses by the endoplasmic reticulum. Ribosomes make proteins, which make up the cell.
Border Control: (Cell Membrane) They control who and what gets in and out of the city. They let good and important things like goods, food, and merchandise in, and protect the city from bad people and harmful things by not letting them in. In a plant cell, the semi-permeable (selective permeability, chooses what gets in and out) membrane lets things like water in and keeps harmful substances out. It also forms a barrier and makes sure the contents of the cell don't spill out or dry up.
Post office: (Golgi Bodies/Apparatuses) sorts and tags materials to be transported to specific areas in the city. In a plant cell, proteins are transported to the golgi apparatus, where they are tagged and sent to specific areas of the cell.
Road Network and Vehicles: (Endoplasmic Reticulum) A network of roads on the ground,which in a city humans and materials are transported on, inside vehicles. In plant cells, a network of sac and tube-like structures in the cytoplasm is a transport system which transports ribosomes to golgi apparatuses.
A video about plant cells on youtube. Make sure your sound is on! Made for a school science project by Max (me) and Sam (my friend.) I did the 3D animation, Sam did the script and some of the voices. (Just so you know, Sa...

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