Cell Analogy-Restaurant
The front door is the Cell Membrane because people enter and exit through it like things enter and exit the cell.
The restaurant power source represents the mitochondria because this powers the restaurant and the mitochondria powers the cell.
The cooler is the vacuoles because it stores food,water and protein.
The stove/grill are the Ribosomes because it produces food just like the ribosome produces protein.
The restaurant wall/structure is the cell wall because it supports the building just like the cell wall supports the plant cell.
Packaged food (food to-go) represents the golgi body because they package protein.
The waiters in the restaurant are the E.R. because they deliver food just like the E.R. transports food.
The leader/boss/manager of the restaurant is the nucleus because the nucleus controls everything.
Protein is the food in the cooler because it will get cooked eaten and become waste like protein will travel through the cell (they both go through a cycle).
The trash/disposal is the lysosomes because when there is uneaten food the disposal will grind it into smaller pieces just like the lysosome will break down the cell when it dies.
This decorative plant in the corner represents chloroplasts because the plant does photosynthesis.
The food is the cytoplasm because that is what keeps everything together (people come here for food and people get jobs because of this restaurant).This is the cytoplasm because the cytoplasm holds everything together.

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