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Infamous quotes by Oakland's Greg Kampe

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“My dad told me when I was young that there are two things in life that don’t last — dogs that chase cars and teams that don’t make free throws." ougrizzlies.blogspot.com
"This is my job, not to chase other jobs, but to do my job as best I can. And I really view that my job is to make Oakland a special place. I've said that many times and I'll say it again. And when I'm done with this thing I hope that people think it's a special place that kids want to go there. And we won a lot of games and we won them in the right way with good people and with good kids. And I'm also lucky that I have pretty good job security." www.onmilwaukee.com
"Every time the doorbell rings my dog runs to the front door to say 'Hi' to the person who rang the doorbell. In all the time I've had the dog, it's never been for him. The person that came to the door has never come to the door to see my dog. But that doesn't stop my dog. Every time it rings, he goes. And that's how Will (Hudson) rebounds." www.cbssports.com
"I love this basketball team. It was a great year (2010-11) for Oakland University, so I guess I'm going to cry, too, because I hate that it's over. This is a team I thought could have done something in this tournament. We just got a bad draw." dl.dropboxusercontent.com
2012 CollegeInsider.com Tournament “It’s not the Big Dance, it may be a little dance. But I don’t care if it’s the ‘Old Folks Home’ dance, we’re in the final four and no team from our league has ever done that before.” grfx.cstv.com
"Consistency is the hallmark of success." www.allcoachnetwork.com
“They were putting together a heck of a bid. Then, ‘Disney On Ice’ was scheduled that week. Being that it’s their biggest moneymaker — I guess you could say we got screwed by Mickey Mouse.” opgrizzden.blogspot.com
"I'm very fortunate. I've survived a lot of different presidents and a lot of different athletic directors. "There's not a lot of people who can say they did it all at the same place. "Going from Division II to Division I, that was probably the hardest thing out of all of it." www.theoaklandpress.com
@maghielse: After Greg Kampe's 450th win, he said he wouldn't care about career milestones until "maybe when I'm old & spitting in a cup." muckrack.com
"30 yrs never threw a spectator out of a practice until today.Dude showed up in a UofD tee. Someone would buy one of those? Must be a giveaway" twitter.com
"I heard it's going to be 7 degrees in Fargo (N.D.) I might take my Speedo. "It's not the end of the world, but you might be able to see it from there." www.youtube.com
"Is it another step? Yes, yes, it is. Yes, it is. But right now it doesn't feel like it. Right now it feels like I've got to say goodbye to Keith Benson. How am I going to say goodbye? It's like losing your wife or something (laughing)." www.asapsports.com
“I read where the average American gains 10 pounds from Halloween to Christmas. I gained 25. I wanted to show my team that we strive to be better than average in everything we do."
Sports Illustrated: Sept. 24, 1984 "Greg Kampe, hired at age 28 as head basketball coach at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., 'I told my wife three years ago that my goal was to be a head coach by the age of 30. My goal now is to still be a head coach at the age of 30.'"