Comparing Remittances to Nigeria
The World Bank forecasts money sent from immigrants abroad to Nigeria as $21 billion in 2013 alone. Remittances to the developing world are expected to grow by 6.3 percent this year to $414 billion and are projected to cross the half-trillion mark by 2016, according to revised estimates and forecasts issued today by the World Bank.
This amount is the same as the extra capital needed by British banks by the end of 2013 to protect against future financial shocks. British authorities want five of the country’s largest banks, including Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland, to raise a combined $20.7 billion in extra capital by the end of the year to protect against future financial shocks.
Remittances to Nigeria in 2013 are at par with all grant payments since the inception of the renowned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Foundation Fact Sheet
Remittances to Nigeria are equal to funds appropriated to all tiers of Nigeria's government in the first half (Q2) of 2013.
Unfortunately, university teachers in Nigeria are currently off work on strike, demanding the equivalent of all remittances to Nigeria in 2013 to revamp their country's education sector. 404 Not Found

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