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NO (2009): Opposed the UPA government’s announcement that it would soon initiate the process for creating a separate Telangana state. Was a Congress MP then and even held 'United AP' placards inside Parliament DON’T KNOW (2011): Adopted a neutral stand after exiting the Congress and forming the YSR Congress NEVER (2013): Following Congress and the centre's nod to Telangana in July, took an aggressive united-Andhra stand. On fast for the same for the second time in a month
UNDECIDED (Till July 30): Said he would abide by whatever decision the party took on Telangana NO, NEVER (July 30 onwards): Has been fighting the separation tooth and nail and striking a defiant note that is surprising even his Seema-Andhra colleagues
NO - Till 2004 – As the chief minister, Naidu opposed Telangana. TDP committed to united Andhra Pradesh PERHAPS - 2008 – In the run up to 2009 elections, took a favorable stand on Telangana. Even allied with TRS in the polls YES (Dec 2012): TDP re-presented its letter to the home minister, saying it supported a separate Telangana state. NO & YES - Naidu is currently fasting in New Delhi, in support of the united Andhra agitation, even as he maintains that his party is “not against division”
Now, supports Telangana AT STAKE: 25 Seema-Andhra seats that could vote against Congress for its Telangana decision. The 10-12 seats it might gain in Telangana would not match its present tally in the state 2009 Lok Sabha: 31 MPs
Against Telangana AT STAKE: In case of division, the party might not win any of the 19 seats in Telangana 2011 BY POLLS: 2 SEATS
Supports Telangana but at the same time fighting for Seema-Andhra rights AT STAKE: Would be a major loser in case of split in both the regions 2009 Lok Sabha: 6 MPs
Supports Telangana AT STAKE: Almost nothing, as it drew a zero in the last two elections here. Anything it gathers here is a gain 2009 Lok Sabha – 0 MPs
Andhra Pradesh sent about 30 Congress MPs in 2004 and 2009. But in September 2009 chief minister YS Rajashekhara Reddy died, changing the political equations in the state. The Telangana agitation reared its head once again and Reddy’s son Jaganmohan rebelled and formed his own party that is active in Seema-Andhra.
The central government initiated the formation of a separate state in December 2009. Telangana supporters feel plans and assurances from Lok Sabha in the past 50 years have not been not honoured and Telangana remains neglected