The cell membrane controls the entrance and exit of subst...
Did you know that cell membranes are also known as fluid-mosaic model and plasma membranes. Did you know that the cell membrane is used in the processes of active and passive transport.
The cell membrane controls the entrance and exit of substances to the cell. Also it acts as a barrier separating the contents of the cell from the outside of the cell. Contains proteins which allows for simpler diffusion and active transport of certain substances. The proteins found on the cell surface membrane may be used as receptors for neural signals.
Endocytosis is a process for moving items that are outside of the cell into the cytoplasm of the cell. Exocytosis is a process for moving items from the cytoplasm of the cell to the outside.
Cell membranes are in plant animal and bacteria cells.
A video on cell membrane A short video on the Fluid Mosaic Model of the cell membrane

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